Technology / Equipment Overview

Control Panels and Keypads

Multiple protection zones and full-featured wired or wireless security is part of the core abilities built into these panels and keypads. They are ideally suited for residential applications. Easy-to-use and designed for reliable performance, these units deliver convenient and effective protection.


Wireless/Wired Sensors

With these innovative sensor options, alarm systems can be easily installed and provide the highest level of intrusion protection available for homes and businesses. Monitoring doors, windows, cabinets and more, these sensors install quickly and easily with ranges up to 500 feet.


Communications, Sirens and Strobes

Designed for optimal performance in a variety of applications, these product lines are meticulously engineered and finely tuned to offer reliable solutions. Scalable and open-ended, these products merge effortlessly with existing equipment while offering sleek design and versatility.

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Integrated Intrusion/Access/Video

• Connect both analog and IP cameras to the same DVR

• Simultaneous video from multiple sites

• Downloadable event video and still images

• Central station alarm notification… dial out on alarm

• Video guard tours

• Records video events… local and remote

• Video motion detection…192 detection frames per camera

• Pre and post video capture

• Continuous & event driven recording

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