Site Security Survey

In or around the site, do you have:

  • high shrubs or bushes that obscure windows and may hide intruders as they break in
  • windows left open at night or during your absence
  • lights left on all day and night when you're away
  • torn or missing storm windows or screens
  • garages or outbuildings left unlocked even for short periods
  • no address posting visible at night from the street
  • vehicles, tools or power equipment  left out overnight
  • no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors within the premises
  • no escape plan in case of fire
  • valuables and important papers kept on premises but no external backup or documentation
  • no fire extinguishers available
  • non-fire-proof safe
  • keys to the premises and car keys on the same key ring
  • no formal busines security arrangement or neighborhood watch group

Doors You have:

  • no outside visibility from your entrance doors
  • hollow-core entrance doors
  • no deadbolts on entrance doors
  • less than 1" depth on deadbolts
  • no reinforced jamb
  • locks that haven't been rekeyed since you moved in

Windows You have:

  • no locks on windows
  • windows left open and unsecured for ventilation
  • no locks on basement windows
  • curtains, drapes or blinds that don't fully cover windows

Garage You have:

  • doors that don't lock
  • garage lights that cant' be turned on from inside the premises

During vacations You:

  • don't stop deliveries
  • don't notify neighbors
  • don't set light timers
  • don't have lawn mowed or sidewalks shoveled
  • don't arrange for hand bills to be picked up

Additional burglar magnets

  • keep a lot of cash in the premises
  • display valuables to strangers
  • talk about your vacation plans in public places (hair dressers, stores, car rental agency)

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