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Make a wise choice: protect your family and propertyMilwaukee Home Security

Did you know that home alarm systems deter intruders from attempting break-ins: homes without alarm systems are twice as likely to be burglarized as homes with alarm systems?

Wisconsin insurance companies commonly offer discounts of 10% or more when premises are protected by electronic security systems.

Our knowledgeable Milwaukee Home Security and Racine based staff can help evaluate your security needs and help implement a system that will meet your requirements while staying within your budget.

Milwaukee Home Security

"AA Security has been protecting me and my family around the clock for 12 years. It's state-of-the art technology that's reliable and easy to use. We sleep better at night and never worry about being victims of a burglar --or worse."
— Eric, Sussex, WI

Whether at home or away AA Security systems is on the job to protect what you value most!

Burglary alarm and intrusion detection:  Total security with convenience you have to love!

AA Security offers intrusion detection solutions that are designed to meet the changing and diverse needs of today’s most varied lifestyles. The systems we offer feature modular-based wired as well as wireless controls and peripheral components.Width = 300px Height = 225pxMilwaukee Home Security

 All devices are easily installed and the selection we offer can complement almost any decor.

The modular design makes it easy to expand protection without having to start all over with new hardware and sensors. Expand your system as your house grows to accommodate more family members or protection types.

AA Security offers three different Intrusion detection solutions to cover the entire application and cost spectrum that is typical of home systems.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Is a wireless home security system right for you? An advantage of a wireless home security system is that if you ever move it is easy to take it with you. It is a portable home alarm system. There are no holes in your walls. And there isn't an extra expense of landline. There are no wires to run so the installation is fast and mess free! 

Do you have to choose between a wireless and a wired home security system? Both technologies can be used for your home security.Learn more about the Concord 4.

Residential Monitoring

At AA Security & Monitoring we are committed to protecting what you value. Having a relizble monitoring system will give you peace of mind that your loved ones and belongings are safe. The wireless GSM gateway module allows you to monitor Width = 250px Height = 262pxMilwaukee Home Securityyour home status from the web site. Residential monitoring will alert you to fire threats with smoke and heat detectors which remain active 24-hours a day.

Residential Alarm Systems

Homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into than those that do. Residential alarm systems help you sleep soundly. Home security systems can consist of various components. For example some home alarm systems may or may not have cameras, recorders, monitoring software, carbon monoxide detectors,control panels and interfaces. You'll likely want window and door sensors. In determining the right alarm system for your home you'll want to consider if outdoor surveillance would be beneficial.

Residential Security Camera Systems

Residential Security Systems are an important component of the home surveillance system. Security cameras are just as important to secure a condo or apartment as it is to secure a house.Learn more about TruVision CCTV Video Surveillance.

We service the whole Milwaukee, WI area including Franklin, New Berlin, Waukesha, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, Racine and Kenosha.

Residential Security Tip

Leave a light on.

Residential Security Tip

AA Security wishes you a happy Memorial Day holiday. While spending time with family and friends this weekend, please take a moment to think about our veterans who have sacrificed so dearly to provide us with the freedoms that we cherish.

If you are planning a holiday getaway, a couple of tips to help insure the safety of your residence while away:

  • Leave some lights on. A security system designed by AA Security can be programmed to turn lights on and off at different times while you are away to make your home appear occupied.
  • Solicit the assistance of a friend or relative to retrieve the mail from your mailbox and the newspaper from your doorstep. Burglars watch for this as an opportunity to enter your house while you are away.
  • Leave a car parked in your driveway. If you don't have an extra, encourage a neighbor to park at your home while you are away.

Residential Security Tip

Did you know that If your power goes out, a full freezer can hold food safely for up to 48 hours. A home alarm system by AA Security monitors the power at your home or business. In the event of a power failure, you will receive a call from the monitoring station. Not only is this important for the food in the freezer but is also very important for continued sump pump operation to prevent basement flooding.

Residential Security Tip of the Month

July and August have the most burglaries. February has the fewest.

Residential Security Tip of the Month

All outside doors to your home should be made of solid wood, steel or fiberglass. This is particularly important to prevent home intrusions in the greater Milwaukee area.

An intrusion detection system examines doors, windows and the surrounding environment. Vegetation on the property can be a help or a hinderance to a burglar. A tree may give access to upstairs windows and patios; whereas thorny shrubs can deter a thief from crawling through a window.

In Wisconsin, our four seasons have special considerations for residential security. October is the month of the popular holiday Halloween. Activities around this holiday include a natural opportunity for strangers to approach homes with less attention being drawn to their presence. Home security monitoring can alert you directly even while you're at work. This season also is popular for having candles in pumpkins and bonfires. October is fire prevention month. Make sure to test fire alarms and smoke detectors.

Residential Security Tip of the Month

November is Child Safety and Protection Month

Autumn in the greater Milwaukee area is a great time for most kids. They enjoy the Fall activities, Thanksgiving festivities and often the first snowfall of the year. Keeping a child safe is a primary parental responsibility. We have some tips to help parents this November.

  • Presence of an adult. Just being around your kids or having adult supervision of a babysitter, relative or friend is a first tip. Adults are more aware of danger and can spot threats because we have experience and knowlege about how the world works that a child may not be mature enough to understand.
  • Dogs. A pet dog will alert adults (and the child) to dangerous people including intruders. Criminals are known to avoid residences where dogs are known to live. Even a "be aware of dog" sign has some value.
  • Change battery in fire alarms and smoke detectors. Not all danger to our children comes in the form of bad people. Fires and carbon monoxide can happen when we are least prepared.
  • Full-featured security system. Keep your child safe by getting security systems for residential environments like the Concord 4. Concord 4 security systems monitor your home 24 hours a day, providing you with immediate notification of a security threat. 

Residential Security Tip of the Month

January Security Resolution

Make a commitment to your home security this month. In 2014, choose to take some steps towards your residential security.

  • Make an appointment for a residential security assessment. We make all kinds of appointments well in advance just to get it on the calendar. It's more likely we'll get it done simply by having it on our schedule. This year, make a resolution to make the phone call of setting up an appointment. It will take five minutes of your time and then you can check it off the list.
    Call: 414-427-1309
  • Re-evaluate. Have you done any remodeling since your last system was installed? An add-on room may have created new access points or hiding places for burglars. How long has it been since the security systme was installed? Technology is fast-paced and advances in residential security need to keep up. Make sure that your security system is up to date.

Residential Security Tip of the Month

Know Your Enemy

Take a moment to think like a burglar. If you were a burglar would you target your house? We often think of thieves as operating in the dark of night, but did you know from 8AM-11AM is often a preferred time for burglars to work because it's when you're at work and they are less likely to be confronted!

The next time someone posts a flyer on your door, make a point to notice them and capture information about their physical attributes and even car information. A burglar will post flyers to get close enough to see who has a burglar alarm. Do you have one? Learn more about the Simon XT residential security system.

Vacation Home Security Tips

Memorial Day is Monday, May 26, 2014

Many families consider Memorial Day weekend as the kick-off to the beginning of summer. AAA projected the number of Americans traveling on vacation this Memorial Day weekend will increase 5.4 percent from 2009 with approximately 32.1 million travelers taking a trip away from home.

If you're one of the Americans that is planning to be away from home, here are the top 7 vacation home security tips to follow. The idea of all these is to hide the fact that you're home is unprotected and make it look like it is occupied by someone.

  1. Leave a car in the driveway. If you have an extra car, keeping one visible helps to make the house look lived-in.
  2. Use timers for lighting both indoors and outdoors. Try and simulate normal patterns.
  3. Make some noise. A silent home is a rare thing. Put some music on or leave the TV on.
  4. Mow the grass before you leave. Even if you normally let the grass get long, mowing it the day before avoids the abandoned yard tell-tale sign.
  5. Adjust blinds. Leave blinds and curtains in normal positions wherever possible, taking care not to expose belongings attractive to prying eyes.
  6. Lock the doors! It goes without saying, but in the hurried-rush to go have fun don't skip the all-important step to make it difficult for anyone to enter your home.
  7. Turn on the home security alarm. Activate your alarm system and notify the security company of the days away.

Summer Home Security Tips

Burglary Increases During in Late Spring and Early Summer

In Milwaukee and many northern states, the seasonal change is extreme.People come out of hibernation when the weather warms up including criminals. There is just something in the air that activates part of the brain that triggers the Must Have Fun Monster. Fun is expensive. Burglars are lazy and look for the easiest way to get the most sellable items. They want items that sell quickly and are not easily traced.

Residential Neighborhood Top Theft Items

Jewelry is a natural target. It's small and easy to sell. If you have gold, silver, gems and semi-precious gems in your jewelry collection put them somewhere secure. The jewelry armoire is best used for costume jewelry. Keep your good stuff in a safe. Remember most crooks are lazy and looking for items they can quickly scoop up. Even a simple safe can be a deterrant.

Do you keep cash at home? Most of us have a coin jar that we throw our excess change into. If you're not good at cashing it in regularly, a good option is to use the Godzilla bank as opposed to the piggy bank. A very, very large glass container can be decorative, heavy and awkward to walk away with under your arm. Once filled it adds up to a pretty sizable number at the coin exchange when you are ready to cash in.

Credit cards should never be stored in obvious places. If you have a credit card or debit card that you leave at home and do not carry in your wallet, find an unusual hiding spot for it. For example, tape it to the back of a wall hanging (unless it's a collectible painting).

Electronics are the other big target. If you had to file a stolen item report, could you provide serial number to help have a discovered item returned. On a rainy day, take inventory of your television, computer, and other electronics making sure to list numbers. As a precaution, don't advertise what you have. For example, don't put packaging and boxes out by the garbage when you buy something new. Instead break the cardboard down and if possible bring directly to the dump. Also, keep your blinds at least partially closed to make it more difficult to see what you have from a distance.

There are always hot cars that are easier to steal than others. Make sure your cars have alarm systems. If you have a garage, use it to park the cars in overnight when possible.

Collect your mail regularly. If you're on vacation, the post-office will hold your mail. Otherwise, a trusted neighbor may be willing to collect it for you until you return. Never have cash mailed to you.

Bicycles left in the yard can easily be picked up and thrown in a van or hopped on and ridden away. When no one is using them, store in the garage or a secured area. At minimum, don't leave by the sidewalk. You want them left further into the yard where they are difficult to access and it's more obvious that someone is intruding onto your property.

Have home security cameras installed both outdoors and indoors. If by chance your home is targeted, you'll want justice served. Video surveillance is the best way to help the police identify the thieves.


Fall Home Security Tips

Autumn 2014 Residential Security Tip

In addition to the top 10 tips, this season be aware of burglar reconnaissance tactics. Between upcoming elections and Halloween, there may be increased foot traffic near your home. Pay close attention to those at your door asking unusual questions. Take a note of their description and notify the Police or your Neighbourhood Watch.

A common method of burglar reconnaissance is extensive door knocking and doorbell ringing. They are trying to learn if anyone is home. When the door is answered by a resident, the suspect will claim to be lost, solicit some type of service or product, or ask for someone that does not live there. If this happens to you, call the Police Department immediately to report a suspicious person.

Close Garage Doors

In Autumn, many home owners are doing yard work like raking, home repairs and putting up Christmas lights before the winter sets in. They open the garage door, grab tools and then leave it open while they work. Keep in mind that residential burglaries occur in open garages when people are home but are either in the house or in the backyard. Your garage is likely filled with valuables from tools to bicylcles. Protect it even when you are home. A thief can take advantage of opportunities in a blink of an eye. If you have an attached garage, lock the door to the house. Back doors and side doors are preferred by thieves over event the front door.

Top 10 Residential Security Tips

  1. Most criminals spend no more than 60 seconds attempting to break into a home.This means that a little effort can go a long way. Always lock your doors; even if you are running to a neighbor's house for a quick visit. You never know who could be watching your house.
  2. Males under the age of 25 commit most burglaries. They look for items that are small, expensive, and can easily be converted to cash. Items like quality jewelry and watches should never be left on dressers or stored in obvious jewery cases. Instead use a secure safe. A less expensive alternative is to use creative hiding places. For example, with a little effort old clothing can be altered to have a secret pocket and would easily be overlooked by a burglar if it was hung in the closet with your other shirts. Books can be hollowed out and still look natural on a shelf. Food cans and other common household items can also be effectively altered to hold the valuable items yet be unsearched during a burglary.
  3. 70% of the burglars use some amount of force to enter a dwelling, but their preference is to gain easy access through an open door or window. Lock your windows.
  4. Ordinary household tools like screwdrivers, channel-lock pliers, small pry bars, and small hammers are most often used by burglars.
  5. Burglars prefer to choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes. Make the residence appear occupied with lighting on timers. Use plenty of outdoor lights and motion detectors are a good way to minimize energy usage and disturbing neighbors at night.
  6. If something doesn't seem exactly right when you return home, don't go inside. Go to a neighbor's home for assistance.
  7. Burglar-proof your home by putting up a "Beware of Dog" sign.
  8. Never hide house keys under the door mat or a rock that is near your door. Instead give an extra key to a trusted neighbor or purchase a secure lockbox that has a security code (ask your Custom Alarm sales person for details).
  9. Add a peephole with a wide-angle and mount it no higher than 5 feet.
  10. Use quality doors and locks. Include a deadbolt lock with one-inch throw bolt. Also use a heavy duty strike plate.


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