TruVision CCTV

The TruVision™ Line of cameras, monitors and recorders, offer a cost-effective video surveillance option to help stay within budget without compromising security. These integrated solutions, including IP-based network capability, are flexible and scalable to accommodate future growth. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, the TruVision Line provides security for small business and commercial applications, including convenience stores and freestanding structures, as well as parking garages and lots.

System Components:

Cameras   Recorders   Monitoring Software   InterfacesCommercial Camera Monitoring



PTZ Cameras
Combining a pan/tilt unit and an autofocus zoom camera with a highperformance sensor, TruVision PTZ cameras are capable of many of the functions expected from traditional PTZ cameras. Designed as a cost-effective solution for internal and external applications.

Fixed IR Cameras


Designed for low-light and complete darkness environments, the balanced IR capabilities, multiple resolutions, and flexible form factors of TruVision IR cameras make it easy to find the perfect camera for each situation.

Fixed Analog and IP Dome Cameras
Engineered for superior resolution, these cameras deliver crisp, detailed images and are well-suited for a variety of applications. The easy-to-install IP cameras provide optimum resolution for the perfect balance of image quality, file size and transfer speed.

Covert and Specialty Cameras
TruVision covert and specialty cameras provide outstanding performance while delivering strong value. With superior resolution and low-light performance, these cameras come in flexible, yet discreet, form factors.


RecordersCommercial Camera Monitoring

Exceptional video storage options to fit every application and budget. For user-friendly operation that delivers reliable, real-time recording, TruVision™ digital recording devices represent quality and unlimited possibilities. Designed to effectively capture, store and retrieve important video content, these feature-rich recorders integrate with other products and software for a comprehensive video storage solution.



TruVision™ Navigator v4 represents the latest advancement in video management software. This single application delivers centralized and remote video management capabilities combined with backward compatibility to accommodate legacy and TruVision DVRs and NVRs. Ideal for LAN or WAN applications, TruVision Navigator v4 is well suited for any application incorporating multiple sites and cameras:

• SchoolsCommercial Video Monitoring
• Retail stores
• Transportation
• Entertainment venues
• Homeland security and public safety
• Geographically dispersed organizations

From a single, easy-to-use and reliable GUI, administrators can remotely configure users/groups, DVRs with analog cameras, NVRs with IP cameras and monitor thousands of video surveillance components. At any time, from any location, operators can costeffectively provide accurate and timely security response. Backed by Client/Server architecture, TruVision Navigator v4 is a fully scalable solution that can support applications ranging from enterprise IT environments down to small, stand-alone systems.


InterfacesCommercial Video Monitoring

TruVision POS and ATM interfaces capture transaction text and associate it with recorded video for data that is easily searchable by time, date, camera or transaction text. Compatible with SymDec™ and SymSafe™ products, these
interfaces can address up to 16 ATMs in multi-drop ATM networks.
ProBridge™ Interfaces
• Captures transaction text and associates it with recorded video
• Compatible with SymDec, SymSafe and TVR 30
• Supports ATM networks


Practical and reliable video surveillance, even in the most challenging environments.

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