Commercial Security Cameras and Monitoring

Commercial Security Cameras
Commercial Security Cameras

Securing commercial or industrial premises in the Milwaukee area is a service that requires both technical expertise and practical experience. AA Security has practical experience accumulated through participation law enforcement in law enforcement agencies, as well as on-going training in the latest technology offered by our equipment vendors.

We begin our engagement with interviews and premise surveys that help establish the full scope of services that will be required to meet single or multiple site requirements. The result is a sound basis for a scope of services specification, and an offer of services proposal.

Commercial Security CamerasAsking the right questions at the beginning is what makes the difference. Our security services and agreements are structured to give you the control and confidence you need to manage physical sites and fleets in an efficient, secure manner – over the long term. AA Security is a partner to many Milwaukee area and Wisconsin firms that have found that professional and personal service is the difference AA Security offers.

Full-featured security systems for commercial environments

The selection of an effective security system to monitor and protect a commercial building encompasses consideration like the number of zones a system can handle, whether or not it can handle both hardwired and wireless zones, the different sensors types the system can accept input from, and whether it offers web based administration and monitoring.

Commercial Security Cameras and System Installation Service for Milwaukee & Southeastern WI

Office Security and Business Security Solutions

Access control is an important aspect of securing an office. Employees may have different access rights depending on their job function or job level. We can provide office security solutions that make employees feel safe from criminal activity and protect employers. Our solutions can be customized for a large corporation with multiple locations or those in need of small business security systems.

Business Alarms

When selecting a business alarm, there a wide variety of business security alarms to choose. We screen them for you and recommend alarms with features perfect for your environment. It is important to protect your property not only from intruders but also from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

Cost effective surveillance The main components that make up cost-effective video surveillance that does not compromise building security include cameras, monitors and recorders. When properly integrated, these  solutions, which can include IP-based network capability, are flexible and scalable to accommodate future growth. Protects small businesses like convenience stores as well as freestanding structures and parking garages and lots.

TrueVision CCTV Installation and Service for Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin

No compromise CCTV security

For larger, remote security and monitoring applications, a robust network based video surveillance solution is a basic requirement. Field replaceable Internal RAID 5 HDD capabilities combined with network-based cameras, combined with powerful application software designed to monitor and manage multiple DVRs from a centralized location, provides the scale, reliability and serviceability that is essential.

Toshiba CCTV Installation and Service for the Metro Milwaukee Area

Access Control

Intrusion detection and access control is the first line of defense for commercial security applications. Engineering systems to address a variety of security threats and protect Milwaukee businesses reliably and economically 24/7, AA Security can deliver  top-to-bottom, proven solutions that take care of business as they exist today and as their needs expand in the future. Intstalling a Verex Access control that covers up to 300 users and 16 different monitoring areas can be a flexible approach that meets current and anticipated needs.

Verex Access Control Installation and Service for Milwaukee and S-E Wisconsin

Fleet Monitoring

A technologically-superior vehicle tracking package for businesses, investigators, and individual users is available with a feature set that far exceed those of commonly available systems.  AA Security offers and deploys durable GPS tracking systems with the latest technology and reliability.

WorldTracker AVL Installation and Service for Milwaukee and Southeast WI

Commercial Monitoring 

Top-tier commercial and industrial monitoring services help your customers better manage their security risks. AA Security provides leading technology from innovators such as AT&T®, Avaya®, UTC and Verizon® and our specially trained commercial/industrial operators. Buisness alarm systems for Milwaukee companies secure properties through alarm monitoring, video survellance and intrusion detection systems. We have alarm monitoring for large commercial applications and small buisness security systems.

Trained staff members are fast, accurate and dependable. Continuous training ensures current knowledge and exceptional customer service.

Central Station Monitoring  Service for Milwaukee and Wisconsin

We service  the whole Milwaukee, WI area including Franklin, New Berlin, Waukesha, Brookfield and Menomonee Falls, as well as all other S-E Wisconsin localities.

Commercial Security Tip


Commercial Security Tip


Commercial Security Tip


Commercial Security Tip of the Month

Install added security measures in "blind spots" around the store (e.g., bright lighting, security mirrors, anti-shoplifting signs, and camera).

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

Don't allow merchandise to be removed from receiving until it is properly checked-in and marked.

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

October is Fire Prevention Month. Businesses can take advantage of this time to educate employees about fire hazards in the workplace.

  • Workplace Kitchens. Kitchens are a common source of fires at companies. Reviewing appliance best practices can prevent fires at the office. For example, at the end of each work day unplug electrical cords when an appliance is not in use.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training. Don't wait for an emergency to learn how to use this equipment. Train people who typically work in a variety of areas in the building to ensure someone close to the source is trained. Most employees find this to be a "fun event" and can be an opportunity for team building.
  • Fire Drills. Have a plan in place for procedures to follow in case of a fire event. A couple of drills throughout the year reduces panic during an actual fire and can save lives.
  • Identify Fire Hazzrds. Every commercial business operates differently than another. Assemble a team to identify the most likely places a to cause a fire in your building. Awareness can play a key role in prevention. Once the top ten areas have been identified, take action on each one to minimize the liklihood of an occurance. For example, signage can be displayed near the area as a warning and have proper steps adhering to company policy.
  • Security Cameras. While most employees look out for the best interested of a company, there may someone in your business looking to do harm. Arson can be deterred if employees believe they will be caught. Place cameras in top areas which may be targeted. However, most fires are not intentionally started. Video of a fire can help identify the origination of it
  • Milwaukee office security. Every city and township will have ordinances surrounding fire safety. The regulations range from constructions to occupancy permits. Did you know that new ordiances have been passed that impact Vacant Buildings, Abandoned Property in Pre-Foreclosure, and occupancies with a high fire risk such as places of assembly and hazardous materials that require a Fire Prevention Permit?
  • Milwaukeee Commercial Security Systems. The Concord 4 commericial security system features smoke and heat detectors which are monitored and remain active 24-hours a day. Learn more about business security solutions adhering to Milwaukee ordinances.

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

November 10 to 16, 2013 – National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week . National Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness Week is celebrated the second full week of November. Going beyond general safety tips, consider having a video surveillance system installed.

  • Deter crime. An elevator with surveillance cameras provides additional security for employees, guests and residents. By monitoring this space it is possible to detect unwanted visitors and behavior.
  • Protect property. Vandalism is less likely to happen if the criminal believes they are being watched and could be identified. Not only can cameras protect elevators from cosmetic vandalism like spray paint, but it can prevent serious damage to its mechanics.

If you manage properties with elevators in the greater Milwaukee area, consider a Toshiba CCTV.

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

According to city officials, businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized as homes, and small businesses are targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed. Moreover, few burglars are caught. Almost 80 percent of all burglaries go unsolved.

Exterior Tips For Businesses

  • Adequately light outside of your business from the doorways to the parking lot
  • Strengthen doors with long screws or bolts on heavy-duty strike plates, pop out proof hinges, or hole/nail combo at top and bottom.
  • Replace all hollow-core doors with solid wood commercial grade doors or a clad commercial door.
  • Issue as few keys as possible. For example having a designated opener and closer may be sufficient instead of giving each employee thier own key. Also, change the locks if keys are lost or not returned by a former employee.

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

Be in control.

Access Control For Businesses

March 30 is the official "I am in control day". A good place for a business to be start taking control is at the front door closely followed by entrances to other parts of the building. Security access control is the act of ensuring that an authenticated user accesses only what they are authorized to and no more. AA Security offers a variety of solutions including a leading intrusion, access and video system for small to medium-sized businesses. Our proven solutions are engineered to address a variety of security threats and protect businesses reliably and economically, 24/7.

Learn more about access control.

Commercial Security Tip of the Month

Commercial Alarm Systems in Milwaukee and Perception of Crime

A study conducted by Cornell University in Rochester last year found that there is a deep divide between the perception and reality of crime in the city. What can a Milwaukee businesses learn from this study? The perception of safety is important to employees. Take the time to reassure and educate your employees that precautions have been implemented to protect their personal safety. For example, if you provide central station monitoring your staff can take comfort that a digital video recording is triggered under certain conditions. In addition, safety training can be part of the fire emergency evacuation practice and planning. Having trusted management play a role in the education and share some of your own statistics will likely bring the perception of crime into alignment of its reality.


Commercial Security Tip of the Month

Questions For Selecting Small Business Alarm Systems

If you are researching security systems for your business, we recommend creating a list of requirements for the environment you wish to protect. One approach is to physically walk around the perimeter of the building or office followed by the interior noting physical access areas. Try to think like a burglar who is looking for weaknesses and less visible areas. Often information within the building requires restricted access. Keep that in mind while you canvas the interior especially.

  • How many doorways are on the exterior to get into the building or office?
  • How many garages or bays?
  • How many windows are on the first floor? What types of windows are they?
  • Are there any trees or structures close to the exterior of the building which may be used to reach the second floor or other windows besides the ground level.
  • Are there any underground access points such as cellar doors, basement hatch. If so, note the material.
  • Is there a parking lot? If so, is it meant for employees only or both customer and employees? Does it have lighting?
  • Is this location permanent or do you need a system that can move with your business. For example if you are leasing an office space or building you'll want a system that can move with you.
  • Do you have fire and carbon monoxide detectors or would you want one that integrates?
  • Video surveillance cameras come in many styles. When walking through the interior of your office, identify corridors. How many? Are they well lit or does is it have low-light?
  • What quality of video resolution do you require? Are you looking for crisp, detailed images?
  • How much recording time makes sense for your business?
  • Do you have a security staff who is responsible for monitoring?

Commercial Security Tip of the Month September 2014

Business Security Audit

Is it time for an audit of your office security system? Many companies perform fire drills as a matter of precaution and planning, but too many business neglect completing an annual check of their business security. AA Security will perform audits and consult on new equipment, upgrades and procedures. However if you want to do it yourself, consider these tasks.

  • Make a list of changes to the building structure and exterior surroundings over the past year. Evaluate changes for factors such as visual obstructions of cameras.
  • Make a list of changed supplies and suppliers and evaluate. For example, switching lightbulbs may have saved money but does it still provide adequate lighting needed for video equipment. And evaluate the supplier in terms of electronic or physical access being adequately restricted for their need.
  • Make a list of all of the electronic and physical areas where precautions are taken to limit access. Some of these may be as simple as a locked cabinet where others may be state-of-the-art access control scanners. Using a simple rating system like critical, high, medium and low assign a value to identified area. Next, evaluate which should be tightened, updated focusing on the critical first to make sure that budget is available and allocated properly. For example, if a new room was created in the office building for a newly created position such as a C-level executive responsible for sensitive information then that room would obviously require security access. Depending upon the value of the information access control could vary from from intrusion to video to access control. And on the other end of the spectrum keys can easily be copied so depending on personnel changes it could be time to change locks for low security areas. When was the last time security codes were changed?

Commercial Security Tip of the Month October 2014

Security Checklist Routine

Create a daily and monthly security checklist as an ongoing part of your normal operational procedures. The daily list should address changes that occur in the environment of a typical 24 hour period.

Daily Security Checklist

  • The business alarm system has been activated.
  • The video survellance cameras are operational in each placement
  • The video surveillance recorder is recording
  • Review any system messages and logs
  • Lights are on and working as mapped internally and externally including parking
  • Doors, loading docks, gates, safes are locked as mapped
  • Security fences are on

Monthly Security Checklist

  • The video surveillance recorder capacity is adequate
  • Random test of system, guards, response times
  • Update map checklist routines with any environment changes
  • Key distribution is appropriate
  • Facility visibility from street and patrolling routes. Evaluate any impact of construction.
  • Shrubs are cut and maintained to not block windows
  • Tree limbs are cut at least six feet from ground level
  • Research what's new in technology. Innovation can be inspired by trends. Make sure your system is up to date. For example, AA Security recently updated our CCTV Toshiba page with a new line of products. Evaluate the differences between your existing system and new for upgrade considerations.

Top 10 Commercial Security Tips

  1. Office safety training for employees can safeguard an office from thieves. Understanding policies and knowing their role is an effective strategy to keep the office safe.
  2. Burglary Prevention: Light all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with.
  3. Burglary Prevention: Install a fence or hedge. A thorny wide, hedge is a strong deterent.
  4. Burglary Prevention: Install motion detectors to sense movement inside the building.
  5. Robbery Prevention: Place security signs and stickers on points of entry to serve as deterrents to robbery.
  6. Robbery Prevention: Have good lighting both inside and outside your business.
  7. Robbery Prevention: Install security cameras. They serve as a robbery prevention tactic and also help with identifying a robber after the robbery has been committed.
  8. Retail Security: Instruct employees to be the first line of defense by greeting or acknowledging every customer who enters their department.
  9. Retail Security: Provide personal customer service to as many customers as possible.
  10. Retail Security: Instruct floor personnel to make frequent eye contact with customers who wish to browse on their own.


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